One nation, under your god…

I completely agree with the 9th circuit decision, I have believed the pledge should be consisdered unconstitutional since I seriously though about it (about when I entered high school), and, correspondingly, I have refused to say it since that time. I challenge anyone to provide me with one legitimate reason why the phrase “under god” should be legal and should be in our national pledge. The only reason it was put in there was to differentiate America from the godless Commies, and it was a really stupid feel-good measure at the time that never should have lasted this long. I don’t live under YOUR GOD. And if your argument even mentions that our currency uses the phrase “In God We Trust” I will just have to ignore you — since when do two wrongs make a right?

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  1. In elementary school I would have been yelled at for not saying the pledge, by jr. high it was ok not to say it as long as you were respectful, in high school I just started leaving out the god part, or standing silently while reciting my own version in my head. I hate the argument that "under god" is constitutional because it doesn’t promote any one religion, it only promotes monotheism…. so I guess it just sucks for us pagans!!!!

  2. friends reason for not supporting this decision– "next thing you know, they’re gonna start having to reissue all the money!"
    thought– didn’t money just get re-issued? how hard is that really?

    also, yeah, i highly approve. said friend came to me expecting/hoping me to be indignant. hrm. i’ve been leaving out the "under god" and/or supplanting it with the diety of my choice since 8th grade.

    and do they still swear you in on a Bible? last i heared it was just…swear this. no book.

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