Blue. As In Sky.

Its a funny thing about airports. It’s probably because I bought my ticket the day before on Priceline. I got my bags extra screened, my person extra screened, but, for some reason, the guy checking the bags (after they got through the x-ray machines) neglected the big central compartment housing my computer. I mean, why would I put a bomb in the magazine and paper pockets? Oh, well.

I’m sure I’m being singled out because of the method and timing of my ticket purchase, but I still like to think its because I’m the only passenger who is happy and nice to the staff.

So what am I going, you ask, and why? Well, the thing is, all summer I’ve wanted to take a jaunt back to Brandeis and meet up with people and places. And then Adam suggested I jet back, and offered me a free room, and offered to pick me up and drive me around. Cool! So although Robin is gone to Switzerland and there aren’t a terrible amount of people I know who are handing around campus, I jumped onto the web and looked for some tickets for the next day. Well, Travelocity promised the best rates, and on every one of them when I clicked through the tickets were sold out or restricted to a week from now. Southwest offered tickets for, I think, about $550. Which would not be worth it for a fun five day jaunt. So I tried Priceline, typed in $329, and ten minutes later got an email telling me to pack my bags.

So I did, and here I am in Pittsburgh, on my way to good old Waltham. What’ll I do when I get there? Meet up with Jon, prolly, and say hi to some folks and bug Rich Graves and hang out with Adam and Dave and Aaron. And we’ll talk about computers and web stuff. And they’ll probably make me sit down and get all the bugs out of my new site template so it can be switched over. And all will be merry.

Oh, and of course, I will see Sally! Yay!

I watched Gosford Park on the ride here, and it was great, and I had on closed captioning so I could understand some of it and so that the lady in the next seat could watch, and they guy in front of me kept banging back into his seat and putting it further back, and I swear he was trying to kill my computer, and I got here, and I ran around trying to find the terminal, and now I’m about to board the flight, which is leaving late, even though US Air won’t acknowledge it. Oh, I mean US Airways. Musn’t forget they changed their name a little while back to improve their image. But for some reason they insist on spelling it U(dot)S AIRWAYS, which is stupid. The dot is in the middle, where a dash would be. And I don’t know why they can’t put a dot after the “S” as well, but I guess “United” stands for something and “States” doesn’t and then we can spell out Airways. Right.

Before I left I went to Shaina’s last video class at Tarbut V’Torah and got to see much of their little movie, which was pretty well done considering the roudiness of the class. Then Mom and Shaina accompanied me to lunch and then the Orange County Airport. So that is what I’ve done to get into this strange journey.

Nothing more to say now. Gotta board!

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  1. ooh, fancy, you posted from Brandeis. Anyway, it was good seeing you and I like the dog birthday present, and oh, make sure to write an entry on switchers, particularly Adam šŸ˜‰

  2. Ok, I have a blog now, so go ahead and add me to your list of friends šŸ™‚ it’s

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