Sally Struthers Shook My Hand

Aunt Linda gave me as a birthday present a trip to the play Always, Patsy Cline. First let me say I’m not a fan of country music (I had to go look up Patsy’s name just now to make sure I was getting the spelling right). I could tell from the title that this was going to be some kind of a Patsy Cline retrospective, with lots of extraneous singing. When we got there my suspicions were confirmed and I became even more worried: the play had two actors, a five-piece band, and about two dozen country songs.

I’m not in to country, I know nothing about Patsy Cline, yet the play was perfectly tolerable. First off, Sally Struthers, as Louise, was completely charming and witty. The woman who played Patsy sang all her songs quite well and in a style I can only assume is her way of singing. The story centered on Louise and her boring life, hilighted by one day spent with her personal queen of country.

A few times during the play Sally looked at me, one time I was sure she winked. She did a dance number with an older gentleman named Rudy during the first half, and then at the end she came to the edge of the stage (I was in the front row) and shook my hand. 🙂

She was charming, and I had never seen any of her acting before. And for some reason she took an interest in me. Which was kinda funny, seeing as, while I was into much of the show, I wasn’t into the ever-present song and dance.

Oh, we also ate at a nice italian place that was so verrrry slow. I had some of their “world famous” cookies, and they were pretty sad. But the Creme Brulie was quite good. 🙂 And I know I spelled it wrong.