You know you’re in trouble when…

Is it bad to sleep through the first class on the first day of school? When the class started at 11AM?

6 replies on “You know you’re in trouble when…”

  1. I missed the first day of class by oversleeping a class that started at 2:30 so don’t feel bad

  2. Type your message here.surprised thought you got lots of sleep flying first class.Also thought you were so looking forward to returning to school and starting your second year. not sleeping through class

  3. Dan, Dan, Dan. You need to sit up when the alarm goes off. Rolling over just doesn’t cut it dude.

  4. Especially if it’s German class.. that prof is really tough on people skipping. (Tough in general too, but a great prof.)

  5. I called you to make sure you were gone at 10:20am your time and you didn’t answer the phone, how tired you must have been. Hope your 2nd day was better. First impressions are very important.

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