There is a prophecy of one who will come…

And so I return to the blog. What’ve I done lately? What insightful things do I have to tell? Well, German looks like it’ll be great, Jerry Cohen’s class is right up my alley and looks to be very interesting (its the science fiction one), Socolow’s news class will be interesting. I hear Mary Davis is a great professor and people were clamoring to get into her AMST class, but its a lecture class and I had the unfortunate problem of…um…falling asleep in it. As in, literally falling asleep and waking up to find an empty room. So needless to say I was very embarrassed and did not go by her office as planned to finish filling out my major declaration form.

In the classes where there is a lot of interaction I’m fine, but when I’m not exercising my mind I find myself getting more tired…I knew this over the summer but there were always interesting things for me to occupy myself with so I would stay awake. At Maintex when I was doing interesting work I was okay, at home when I was doing something stimulating I was fine. Even TV was usually enough. But lecture classes, apparently, are not. That combined with the warm weather and crowded classrooms and surprisingly I’m finding it very easy to fall asleep…even in Jerry Cohen’s incredibly interesting class. I really don’t know what to do about this, what vitamin or nutrient or whatever I’m not getting that is causing this. Because I KNOW I’m getting enough sleep….

Strangely I’ve been waking up early, around 7AM, regardless of when I go to sleep, and then getting tired later on. Today I tried sleeping in till my first class at 11 and, while I barely made it, I was awake all day, or at least up until this point. But I hate wasting so much of the day sleeping.

Our suite is looking very nice and pretty and we keep getting more plants and decorations. I’ll post pictures shortly. Sally has been hanging out a lot and doing puzzles. I finally got around to hooking up my TiVo but have watched only one TV program so far in my time here, and only 1/2 of a DVD (Lord of the Rings). I guess I need to cancel my NetFlix membership…

Still haven’t gotten my packages from home. Strangeness.

Oops, better go get my laundry. That’s all for now.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot more time with out watching tivo and movies. Hope you realize that too. Exercise!! Exercise!! Exercise!! It is helping me so much to make it through the day. I wish you would try some intense cardio.

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