Television Sucks

Over the summer I’ve basically narrowed down what I watch to a few networks. That’s all I want on TV, and that’s all I want to pay for. Now, Brandeis dorms have a lot of crap in their lineup, but I’m only going to watch maybe six of their channels. Of course it is free, but that’s not the point: I want to watch what I like. I like Farscape and The Invisible Man and The Daily Show. I Like The West Wing and Six Feet Under. I like Sports Night and The Simpsons. I like Junkyard Wars. I don’t like much else.

I don’t want your ESPN, I don’t want your Fox News, I don’t want QVC. I certainly don’t want the E! network. So here is the deal I propose: give me the big three, Fox, HBO, SciFi, and Comedy Central, and I’ll give you $10 a month. That is a buck a channel plus three for the cable box. If I want more channels I’ll call you, but don’t you be putting your garbage on my set and making me pay for it!