Relatively Fit

I was under the illusion that I am fit: I do half hour lunchtime swimming or running workouts a few days a week, and go on the occasional day hike or kayak trip or bike ride on weekends.

Half an hour on the frisbee field this afternoon kicked my butt. I haven’t played Ultimate in a while now, and after thirty minutes in the heat I was wiped out. I’m trying to decide whether this should be discouraging — I’m woefully out of shape and don’t know where I’ll find the time to do the sort of work necessary to become competitive; or encouraging — I can work to build up my speed and stamina and go back to playing a game I really enjoy.

With summer almost over, though, I’m leaning towards the first option. Especially since a lot of the people playing seem to have naturally a level of fitness I can never hope to achieve by effort.

3 replies on “Relatively Fit”

  1. To be fair you got a good hike in on Saturday. This could have contributed to your frisbee fail.

  2. To be fair, BF has gotten a lot more energetic than I remember. in some ways, it’s more exhausting than BUDA club, since pretty much everyone’s running the whole time with no chilling as a handler or waiting a few seconds in the stack to find an actual opening for cutting. So… don’t be too discouraged; I found it pretty exhausting out there too, and I’m either playing BUDA or biking 10 miles every day. Also, try a night game; I hear they’re a little more relaxed, and don’t discount how much heat and sun contribute to tiring out.

  3. Running, swimming and biking are great for relative fitness, but ultimate, basketball, soccer, etc are a different type of exercise.

    You’re basically doing wind sprints, sharp cuts, and a lot of fast twitch muscle work. That’s going to wipe you out a lot quicker, because you’ve been tuning your muscles to more slow twitch type work. But you know all this…

    The thing is, if you play a game of ultimate every week, you’ll get back in game shape. Maybe not uber competitive shape, but better than you felt the other day.

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