That’s a Firefly wrap…

Read Tim Minear (the co-exec producer)’s recollections on the end of Firefly. Very poignant. Quote:

When an actor, usually a guest actor, finishes his or her last scene in an episode, that is what happens. The AD (assistant director) announces, “That’s an episode wrap for so-and-so.”

Doesn’t happen with regulars.

But it did today.

3 replies on “That’s a Firefly wrap…”

  1. And what is taking firefly’s timeslot on January 10th? Wait for it.. Fastlane.

    Yup that sounds like fox.

  2. Well, I must say that the worst thing about Firefly was its timeslot, it’s like Fox wanted it to fail….

  3. It’s very confusing really, because FOX put millions into the show, you would think they’d want it to succeed. They keep putting promising shows into that dead slot hoping to revive it…inevitably “geek” shows. I think they assume that geeks stay home on Friday nights, whight might or might not be true, but geeks do not a huge ratings boost make.

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