New things coming

I’ll be putting up a classy new site design soon, complete with lots of XHTML and CSS for those who care, although I don’t pretend to be making it truly “accessible”

In the meantime, I figured I should link to another funny event. This one I’ve linked to before, but I think it needs to be seen again. This is Jim Fingal (a guy I knew in middle school) and his Harvard pals behaving in…well…Harvard-ly ways. Just check it out.

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  1. Hey Danny, if you’re going to do XHTML, do it right — <table> is out, <div> is in. And of course, is your friend. 😉 Seriously though, it looks nice and it’s usable in lynx. As my own website attests to, I’m a big fan of minimalist website design.

  2. Hmm, my comment is full-justified, it looks funky… and there’s a large amount of whitespace between the two characters of the smiley “;)”. Might want to disable that by default.

  3. First, validation is impossible because none of my old entries are XHTML 1.0 😛

    Second, it should be converting smilies to images.

    Third, justification in real publishing apps (Quark, Adobe) looks good…as it does in TeX, I’m upset it looks so bad in HTML, cause I like it otherwise. So maybe I’ll disable it. Dunno.

    Fourth, I couldn’t figure out how to make all of the things line up without tables. The first design was table-less, but since it never looked right in either IE or Mozilla, I switched to tables. Sorry 🙁

  4. I guess there’s nothing wrong with justification if it’s not going to mess up things like smileys or, I dunno, source code listings or something, it probably just caught me off guard. However, the entire commentspopup page is inside a table whose width is fixed at 350 pixels. My browsing environment is just shy of 1600 pixels wide, so that translates into a lot of wasted space.

    I think the way to do multi-column layouts with CSS is to have each column except the last one be a DIV with the float attribute set to left, e.g. <div style=”float: left”>.

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