There Will Be No Terrorism Today

“The person was vetted after Ashcroft used the information to raise the terrorism threat level to orange, and law enforcement determined it was fabricated,” reports Cannistraro.

The last eight days have been a complete sham. I ignore government-issued terrorism alerts. Why? They are propaganda put out by the government to instill fear. Don’t jump on this assertion, think about it, and try to fight it. We have credible information about a terrorism attack…but no dates, times, places, or people. We know something is coming, and then it doesn’t, and so it just fades from the public consciousness. Osama bin Laden may be tied to Saddam…except that he isn’t, at least according to the recently released tape. makes a bold assertion, but I think it is the right one: the administration is fanning the flames of terror so that people will be scared, fear will turn to anger, anger will turn to hate, hate will turn to war with Iraq. Yoda’s words played out in a (very) different context.

They bring up another good point, one that I hadn’t thought about (mostly because I didn’t know about the buildup) — the military is building up aerial defense capabilities over Washington. Missiles to shoot down ariel attack. But attack from whom? Not Saddam or Osama, neither of whom has any real air capability…do they expect an attack from North Korea? Or has a year and a half not been enough time to secure our airports? Here is the story.