The web is too big. I think many people have had this realization at one point or another. Not just that the web is big and vast and there is no way you can ever understand it all, we all should have that healthy feeling. No, the understanding that there is too much important stuff on the web that you want to read and never will. Specifically, blog-type stuff. People you know, or people you like, or people you want to read, but there are just not enough hours in the day. Okay, I’m not doing a good job of explaining this, but that is because I am once again suffering from it — a deep dark pit of mental despair and anguish.

It’s all Becky’s fault, but I’ll leave that for another time 🙂

I’m looking for solutions. My first was simply to realize and be deeply committed to the idea that no one is omnicient and most of us can’t just sit in front of our computers all day and that yes, we will miss information, but we will get enough as to have a measurable impact on our lives and…oh, who am I kidding.

I have two solutions, a short-term and a long-term. Short term: set up a content aggregator like Matt has done, or simply tack on to his. Most blogs and news sites support something called RSS which allows you to grab their stories and put them all together on one big page. LiveJournal lets you do it with something they call a “Friends Page.” There are programs, like the great NetNewsWire for the Mac, that also do this, but I think I’d rather go Matt’s approach, and have a unified web page with RSS and a few screen scrapers thrown in. I’ll look into this.

The second, and more important, is a remembrance agent. Some of you may remember this from my wearable days. Well, those days are coming back. I WANT MY WEARABLE so I need to determine the best and most expeditious way to go about this…without requisite skills, knowledge, or funding, it will be, well, “hard” is one word. But intelligent filters are definetally needed, and anything that makes me seem or feel or actually be smarter is always good. 🙂

I think some of this despair may have also been set off by reading localroger’s novel. It’s somewhat depressing.

Eh, I’ll get over it.