I’ve kept quiet because otherwise I know I’ll mention my living situation and then…eep! Stopping right now. More info on that at a later date.

So, let’s see. I’m finding new TV shows to watch, which is either good or bad, depending on what you think of my work ethic. Okay, so it’s completely bad. Oh well. Ordered a nifty TiVo ethernet card, so I’m gonna need to crack old TiVo open, install the thing, load up some software, register the MAC address, etc., etc., and then Nessus, our network security scanner, is gonna have a heart attack because I’m running telnet (telnet!) and who knows if SSH can even compile on that box. But yeah, TiVo does run Linux, which is why all of this is possible.

Adam and I went by the storage place, so I got some sheets. That was useful, since I managed to leave one of my other sheets behind in Grad and thus lost it… Sorry mom!

New computers haven’t arrived yet, or rather they are stuck in the Epstein stock room and Ray the Receiver won’t deliver them until Tuesday, mostly because he insists on being the only person in the entire school who is still using the old phone system, and thus it took me several days before I realized that he is, in fact, reachable, just not using the same phones that the entire rest of the school uses.

Speaking of phones, our network switching gear was having some problems whereby something like 30% or more of all incoming calls would not go through, and sometimes voice mail wouldn’t work…but students couldn’t be told, thanks to some new communication policies.

Hmm…what else. I’m working for Dave but not getting paid, I’m eating at Cappy’s a lot because there is very little on-campus food, and I got to hang out with Adam and Yanna, the über-cool playa (her word) from Detroit who has issues with handling credit cards.

That’s about it. In a few days maybe I can talk about the coolness that is the Village. I think its about the absolute best place you could possibly live on campus, so that makes me very happy.