This is how we do it in the O.C., bitch!

Excuse me if I use this absolutely, amazingly terrible line from the Fox show The O.C. as an entry title. It’s already popping up everywhere else, so I might as well join in on the fun. Well, just watched episode 3 and I’m still not put off, which is a good sign. The critics seem to like it too, enough so that I won’t bother linking to all the newspaper reviews — they’re everywhere you look. I will quote a bit from an article with the same (wonderfully original) title as this entry over at my favorite TeeVee:

Sandy Cohen [(Peter Gallagher)] is the plot device that sets The O.C. in motion: not only does he pluck teenaged hood Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) off the mean streets of Chino and transport him behind the Orange Curtain, he also represents the moral compromises OC elitists have to make to stay in their smug little community. Sandy’s an idealist who can afford his self-righteousness because his wife bankrolls it; as a result, he’s better at talking about his morals than he is at applying them. Anyone who knows about Orange County’s reputation as a Republican stronghold can appreciate the irony in limousine liberal Sandy’s characterization.

It’s an interesting characterization, and I’d like to see where the show goes with it. I think the critics (and a certain segment of the TV viewership) has been itching for a good non-reality show, and The O.C., stupid title not withstanding, might just fit the bill.

And I can continue to call it my show. At least until Aaron arrives on campus and tries to lay claim to it himself. After all, he is (and try to read this in the show’s snotty way) from Walnut (eww!).

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  1. This episode tonight was fair-to-good, but not great. The whole mother storyline was terribly predictable and, while I saw the reasons for it all along (the boy does have to start living in Newport, after all, otherwise we don’t have much of a show), I didn’t like how they set up the mother to fail. Ah well, at least we’re rid of her.


    Anyways, I’m from WALNUT (AKA “The ‘Nut”, AKA “Asiaville”), I’ll admit that much. But don’t pick on me because I’m special!
    Hey Danny… we’re both adults… let’s be mature and share the special-ness of “owning” a television show… 🙂

  3. You can have The OC and all California related paraphenilia… This recall crap is turning me off… I think Senator Diane Feinstein (D, California) put it best when she said “it’s like America has fallen on its side and every nut has fallen to California”

  4. Am i the only person who thinks this show is shit with flat characters(with the exception of the cohen family) pretty boy ryan is always trying to act tough in real life this guy would be getting his ass kicked everyday T.V. does not need another James dean wannabe.

  5. I also couldn’t care less about the”problems” of a bunch of superficial rich white kids.

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