A few weeks

Got to campus on a Friday, it was empty and boring. I did a few things. My Grad was terribly hot and stuffy and I couldn’t stand it, so I slept on the floor of the Student Union office. Monday there were suddenly a few people about, and I went into Web Services, saw Dave, etc. It was nice. Train to NY Tuesday, hung with Adam Wednesday, but complications with my car that are too boring to get into but deal mainly with interstate registration meant that I didn’t get to drive it back. Two weeks later and I still don’t have it, and now I’ve pretty much forgotten about it. Eh, who needs a car. Might as well cancel the whole thing. (Depressed? A little, we’ll get to that).

Drove back with Adam, having done nothing useful in NY besides see him. Didn’t meet up with Matt, didn’t go rafting, didn’t eat at Garden Catering. Oh well.

Back on campus. Switch from one housing to another. Moved all of Peter’s things, turns out we got the wrong rooms (i.e. ones with stuff in them). Went back to ResLife and got new keys, AGAIN wrong (I got the same room!). Grr. Eventually got everything worked out. Rooms are hot and musty and underground, with tiny windows with no screens, so we can’t open them, and bugs everywhere. Great. Yeah, Shapiro basement, very nice.

I move into the Village. It’s big, it’s empty, Adam is living there, as are 10 RAs and the quad director. So I just move in. It’s great. It’s amazing, clean, pretty, clean, colorful, clean, new and high-tech and nice. I’m there for a few days, I do various things (Web Services, Student Union, hang out). I get kicked out. Lori Tensor, who is in charge of such things, is furious with me, but eventually gets over it. The next day Josh Brandfon moves into the Village (legally). A few days later, so do five orientation leaders. A few days later, so do some more early arrivals, and some transfer students. And then I hear that there are a whole bunch of people squatting in the Village, but I’m in Shapiro basement.

I actually spend a night in Shapiro basement instead of the office. I go to sleep having been healthy for quite a while, but wake up the next morning very sick. I’m still sick. I don’t like being sick. I don’t like Shapiro basement. I want to be in my fucking dorm. I don’t want to move and move and move again, and not get to unpack, and not get to get things out of storage, and to have to live out of the same suitcase, and shower in dirty, icky showers, and deal with freshman move-in, which is what we did today.

Oh, and my phone didn’t work. I’m not in the system, it seems. I don’t get a phone. Finally got it all resolved today, and now I have a number, but I didn’t get voicemail. Eventually got voicemail, but the phone just keeps ringing and ringing, doesn’t actually transfer to voicemail. Wonderful.

What else? Trying to figure out how my Secretary budget makes any sense, and it doesn’t seem to. Talking with Igor about things, trying to get him to stop thinking exclusively about the Justice and branch out. Met Aaron Braver (from Walnut), yay! Used NetFlix to it’s full potential to watch about 12 episodes of Angel and really like them. Being constantly tired and sick and wanting to get better, and not sure if sleeping in this damn basement is helping things. Forgetting about my car, maybe when it comes I’ll be all happy and suprised.

Enjoying the absolutly beautiful weather. Wishing I had my camera, but realizing that it’s somewhere in Adam’s car (or room). Wanting to setup my speakers so I can have some music, since music is beautiful and wonderful and important, but my speakers are in storage.

Boy was I happy to be coming back to Brandeis. Boy do I like Brandeis. But boy have the last few weeks sucked.

But oh wait, I’ve been hanging out with Adam a lot, going off campus and such. And that has been very nice. And I went bowling the other night with Dave Stromes and Amy and Adam Batkin (now SuperJew) and this guy named Evan, and that was nice. So no, I’m not terribly depressed and angry and hating it, not at all. I just don’t like being sick and I don’t like being jerked around with housing. I want to settle. And maybe on Tuesday, move-in day, I will be able to, and maybe by then I’ll be healthy again, and maybe we can start over, and start off this year right.

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  1. Wish I would have known how much you were being moved around, I would have called up and gone to battle for you. Told them you needed to be moved to the new dorm immediately due to illness and such!!! Doesn’t seem fair you had to wait so long, especially when you are school Senate Secretary. Hope you are all settled in now and loving it. Did you find your camera????

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