My first night sleeping in Massell I got sick, but who knows if it is Massell related. I’ve gotten out of Massell and into my wonderful beautiful new home, and I’m still sick, and it’s not getting any better. I thought I had what Adam had, and he got over it in two weeks…I’m about 5 or 6 days into it. I’ve forgotten to go to the Heatlh Center because I’ve been worried about meetings and classes and the hundred things I need to get done. So my cough today was pretty bad, but not terrible, and then I went to bed.

And didn’t fall asleep.

And now it’s 3:21am and my cough is awful and hacking and painful and not the least bit productive.

Loads of Robitussin…

15 minutes in a hot shower…

Should I call BEMCo?

I check WebMD, but my symptom’s don’t really qualify as “an emergency,” only “really painful.” I know if I call BEMCo they’ll come, take my pulse, fret a bit, and then offer to call an ambulance. Yeah, big help. So do I need to get ambulanced at great expense to the next town to go to a hospital, or can I survive the night and report to the Health Center in the morning for some cough suppressants of some sort?

Yeah, the latter option is much more appealing. *Cough* Oh, excuse me. *Cough* Oww.

The Health Center opens at 8am.

Sigh, so much for a nice first day of classes.

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