95% Better

For those who were following along, my sickness, as generally occurs, has passed, at least mostly. Yay health! I feel that mild sickness is an important part of life that reminds us of how wonderful it is to be healthy. On the other hand, major sustained illness is just stupid. We should kill it.

I hadn’t been to McDonalds for years before Igor took me there at the end of last year. Since then, I’ve been back two times, the last being yesterday. I like the french fries, and I really like the little dispensors, not just for ketchup but also for barbecue and sweet & sour sauce. So I decided to try something new and get a Super Sized(tm) meal. Wow, that drink cup was massive. Difficult to hold, even. And there were a lot of fries. And the sandwich was unchanged.

Next time I’m going for the 99 cent chicken sandwich and a large fries, instead. All the “value meals” aren’t.


Hmm, have car, will travel. 🙂 Very happy about said car. Got gas today, because prices don’t seem to be going down despite Labor Day being over. Went to get a parking pass but because of complications I had to go fill out some forms first. Will get it Monday, and then I can start…um…parking I guess. Yay for that!

Drove to the supermarket, but they don’t have much in the way of exciting food so I just got a few frozen meals and some cereal. Of course it’s all silly since my meal plan is so huge and expensive that I really don’t have any reason to not eat Aramark food 3 times a day, except that I really don’t want to. Grr, stupid meal plans.

Hmm, next entry is classes.