With how much SciFi generally messes things up, I went into watching Battlestar Galactica with a bit of dread. But having only seen one episode of the original series, I didn’t really have to worry about much in terms of them messing up someone I know and love, I just had to worry about them messing up something new.

Well, I watched the first four hours and it was excellent. Wonderful character development, great special effects that never looked cheap. Excellent storyline, with some great twists. I finished the first four hours and hit the great cliffhanger ending and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.

Then I found out today that it’s over — the mini-series was four hours long, and it’s done. WHAT??? The…the character development! The time spent on building up the story! The…the goodness of it all! How could it be over? It was just getting to the point of excellence!!!

Sad now.

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