Laptop update

I opened up the case again to poke around and determined that the problem seems to be related to the connection that sends the video signal from the logic board to the LCD display. I fiddled with the cable a bit and the signal changed. The two orange (red? can’t remember) wires looked to be a bit pinched, and the tape holding all of the wires together was coming off. I took out the tape and tried to get those two wires a little more inside the case, and then tried booting again. Now the screen doesn’t work at all. So yeah, I suppose the wires and the connector are probably the issue. The problem is, who can fix it without doing something drastic like replacing the whole assembly? It’s silly, but I’ll bet no one has any way to get the wires and connector and properly attach them to the various boards, and the only solution they will think about is just replacing parts. Stupid? Yeah. Typical? You bet.

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