Two Things From Kevin

Two annoying things that Kevin points out:

The Wasington Post has an article on how the Bush administration is rewriting history by retroactively changing their web site to reflect policy. Some of the deletions: information on how condoms can be used to stop unwanted pregnancies and avoid sexually transmitted diseases, a report showing that there is no link between abortion and breast cancer, and a transcript from a Nightline interview where the interviewee tows the party line that the US taxpayer will pay no more then $1.7 billion to rebuild Iraq — thanks to contributions from other ally nations, of course.

Second is a BBC piece about how Governer Arnold has declared a “fiscal emergency” in California so that he can redirect money from welfare and public health care programs towards police and firefighting, which are apparently underfunded now that he has removed the controvertial car tax. Now I don’t know about the car tax, but Arnold’s tactics closely mirror what the Bush administration has done with Medicare and other programs — finding ways to “force” them into debt or cutbacks. So you don’t like welfare, fine. Debate it in the open, try to get a law passed. Stabbing programs you don’t like in the back and then claiming that it’s not your fault, that’s just evil.