Lighter Note, Stories

So here is a bit of lightening up, at my expense and the expense of others. First off, that picture from the last entry. Its Becky and Brian, and I really can’t explain it. Here is a nice big version in full color, with all the…uh…detail. They were just hanging out in the hallway, and somehow that strange position was attained. Heh.

I thought we should go to Boston today. “Let’s go to Boston today!” I said. Yeah. Well, the first attempt was aborted because not enough people were ready, then it was planned for later, supposedly 4-ish. Come 4 and everyone is gone. That is, everyone who has not gone home for the holidays or becasue of the disaster or whatever, is not around. They went to Boston. Without. Me. Grr.

So Peter and Rachel and I are talking, somehow we get to the point of thinking of going to Boston and seeing a movie. We get a few other people. Nope, they want to maybe go to Waltham or something. Go to Usdan, eat. Not eating in Boston? Sigh.

After eating, maybe we should go to Boston! Let’s go! Well, I can’t, and I don’t want too, but you still have 7 people, including Igor, who ran out to meet us. Then two people decide they don’t want to go, and a third, and then its just four of us guys – Roman, who was kinda made to go by Sophie, who isn’t going because she’s waiting for Mark to show up, Jason, who is going for the hell of it, a third person who I’m suddenly confused as to the actual identity of (was it Seth? I’m very tired…), and myself. So we get off the bus…

No one (to my knowledge) went to Waltham, but Sophie, Mark, Roman, Seth, and I did watch Chicken Run, which was a good antibiotic to the sickness of the days previous.

Have I hopelessly confused you with a bajillion names? Well, that was the intention, so ha.