So I have about 50 important e-mails to respond to, a bunch of books to read, an essay to write, and lots of people who’ve been gone the last few days are now returning. I have a Justice article and some nam shub stuff I want to research, I have a 9:00AM COSI test, and I need some exercise. I’m awake, but I’ve been tired in morning, where morning is defined as noon. This is not a good thing. I need to work on this.

There are lots of clubs and projects and things to do, I almost wish that there wasn’t so much school to get in the way of it. We watched the Secret Brandies Admissions Video ™, and the best line is the one about , “…balanc[ing] your personal development and academic development. And inevitably personal development wins out.”

I’ve been here some insanely short period of time, like less than a month, but already this place is my home. The people, the buildings, the surroundings are all mine now. Everyone I talk to who doesn’t live around here and who goes away or visits another college or whatever, comes back and tells me that this is what is home. They miss Brandeis when they’re gone. Its a great feeling.

Meanwhile, people in the UC system start college in the next few weeks. START! I’ve already been here an eternity. Yet, right now, I hope it never ends.

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