Qualified To Give Advice

Danny’s Pearl of Wisdom For the Day: When you radically change your sleep schedule, go to sleep at midnight, wake up at 6 am, and decide to go for a jog around campus, do not, let me repeat, do not sprint from the Massell area up to the Library area. Especially if you haven’t been running in…oh, I don’t know…3 months. Yeah. So, after I got over the nausea and throwing up, I did okay and actually felt pretty good. But no more sprinting for a while.

Today being Friday, this is the second day of my Radical Sleeping Schedule Shift ™. I went to bed again at midnight and this morning woke up at 7:30 without an alarm clock. Well, okay, I have a form of alarm clock, and it basically consists of drinking a lot of water before bed. About the time I need to remove said water from my system, its usually a good time of morning and I awake. Nice.

Elsewhere in the asylum…I argued international relations with Jerry Cohen and lost terribly. I’m going to a Justice web meeting at 4:30. I’ve still got a lot of cleaning to do. It was raining this morning and last night, which was really cool, except then it was hot and humid inside, which I hate. Everyone on my floor is getting addicted to Age of Empires II, so I expect productivity to radically drop. If only it worked on the Mac….

I’ve been corresponding with this cool guy named Seth who has some similar interests. Eventually we’ll actually meet up in meatspace, seeing as we are in the same AMST 131 class and all.