Tony Awards

I’ll link to Seth’s writeup when he writes it up. Avenue Q won best musical and Idina Menzel got best female lead. Both deserved it. I wanted Wicked to get best musical, but that’s only because I found AQ a bit less exciting the second time through. In contrast, the first and only time I saw Wicked it was in highly obstructed seats that didn’t let me see much of the action, and none of the set. So I’m not sure what that says. That AQ won best musical says many things. One, it’s a wonderful, quirky, completely different kind of show, and in New York that kind of thing can be rewarded, as opposed to Hollywood where it is generally shunned. Two, well, it did make a lot of money. Three, it was kinda the fad. With previous years full of revivals and boring new stuff, something fresh just caused everyone to jump up and shout hooray, even if it isn’t necessarily the best thing out there.

I mean, I think it’s almost the best thing out there. I think Wicked beats it by a hair. But I’m not a theater critic, I know very little about the theater scene, and my opinion is probably wrong. And I’m still very happy. Congratulations to Avenue Q, you all rock. And maybe you’ve finally found your purpose? 😉

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