Claritin, Part II

This morning I awoke to rain. Funny, cause yesterday it was completely dry. Still, I find the weather quite nice, although rain means more plugged nose. My recent Costco visit left me with 32 bottles of water for only $6.50, I figured that would hold me for a while. Boy was I wrong. Everyone wants them! I’ve decided I’ll buy a case, plunk it in the hallway along with a coffee can and a sign saying “Take a bottle, leave 25 cents.” If I break even, I’ll do it again. If not, no more water for other people!

Yesterday Jason, Kelson, Florida Rachel and I went into Boston for some food. I was thinking about hearing Terry Gross, of Fresh Air, talking at Harvard, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or would rather just hang out. Well, I quickly got my answer when a huge backup on the Pike meant it took us about 90 minutes to get to Harvard Yard, meaning no Fresh Air for me, only Chili’s. Still, it was fun. As we waited for the bus, Kelson and I discovered that, not only do we want to major in similar things, we also want to go into the same job. Wow. We both couldn’t stop talking about Mock Trial and we’ve resolved to see how hard it would be to form a team at Brandeis.

On Thursday I was at Harvard also, this time with Peter, to see the Ig Nobel awards. It was quite cool. Of course, when scientists are trying to be funny you have to cut them a little slack, and some of the sight gags got old, but it was pretty good. For a list of winners, check out this Wired article. For some background, check out this one. I liked it, it was fun, plus I got a few glow sticks out of it, and got to throw lots of paper airplanes at the stage! 😛