A note on computers

Just for those who may be interested, I am running a Power Mac G4 400 Mhz with 256 MB ram and 108 GB of hard drive space. Right now I’m running Mac OS X 10.1 plus OS 9.2 in the classic environment. Basically everything works except my SmartMedia card reader and Palm sync, so my uptime is only a day or so cause I occasionally rebott so I can use one of the two. I will have to find a solution to these problems when I start running servers, though.

I’m running sshd, httpd (apache), and ftpd. Its useful. I’m considering sendmail, but maybe not. I’m running the test site for Gravity Magazine (gravmag.org) on my computer, and I expect to run the real thing as soon as I finish it. If I’m doing that, its logical that I might as well host some other stuff, so we’ll see.

I’m running XDarwin, which is an implementation of X Windows on OS X. I’m no good at these things, but I know I’m running Enlightenment as my window manager, and I ssh into Robin’s laptop next door to run Gabber, at least until I learn how to compile it on my computer (eww…gtk libraries…) or until someone makes a good Mac OS X implementation.

Running programs off of other people’s cycles is kinda cool for me, as I’ve never really done it before, now I see one of the reasons why so many people like *nix. Speaking of which, apparently there is a Brandes LUG of some sort forming here, which is cool.