Road to Rhode Island

Yesterday I drove Kelli, Tzalli, and Aaron to Newport, Rhode Island, where we met up with Adam Batkin and saw a Ben Folds concert. The concert was in a stuffy tent by the harbor, but Mr. Folds was pretty exciting. Having only heard a few of his songs before, I found the whole thing enjoyable, except for the heat and lack of air. We had a nice Shabbat dinner afterwards and then slept in an equally warm and humid house. Well, basically, the whole area was a little warm and humid, but this is New England, so it’s not unexpected.

This morning I awoke early and after sitting around and then browsing the web for a while decided to go for a wander before breakfast. I took some pictures (hopefully to be posted soon) and saw some sights. Came back for a game of “Apples To Apples” followed by a yummy lunch and some more wandering, this time with ice cream! Newport is a fairly small town, with basically every house marked as a historic landmark, and somewhat too much congestion. The parts we walked through were quaint and old but not necessarily entirely upscale, and the appearance of scantily clad beachgoers and noisy motorcyclists did not do much to help the scene. The narrow streets had too many cars and too many people. This is a town that would work well with Segways.

That said, I enjoyed the experience a lot and had fun in the town and with the people. We didn’t really do much today because of Shabbat but did try to get to a showing of Spider-Man 2 at night, however we didn’t get to the theater in time. Probably for the best, since we have to get up early tomorrow to go have some fun in Boston and find a place for fireworks. Six or eight hours of sitting on the grass would probably work better with a picnic packed, but owing to us having been out of town that might prove difficult. Also, I’m out of clothes and need to do wash, pack for the NY trip, etc., and I’m not sure when that can all happen. So this has been and will continue to be an exciting and eventful weekend. 🙂

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