The McCain Doctrines

Matt Bai’s profile delves into McCain’s thinking on the Iraq war, tracing his evolution from post-Vietnam to present. It is a good read and helpful for getting a bead on where McCain really stands after a primary season that saw his tacking right and espousing opinions that don’t become him.

Coming of Age on Antidepressants

For people who have lived their entire adult lives on antidepressant medication, it is difficult to have any baseline to judge their normal behavior and personality. Antidepressants mess with you in all sorts of weird and unexpected ways, and without that baseline it is often impossible to know if certain feelings and behaviors are innate or are the effect of drug interactions that no one really understands.

‘Not our finest hour,’ admits BA chief

The opening of their new T5 airport terminal at Heathrow, Europe’s biggest airport, has been a huge disaster. It seems obvious that when creating a new logistical system of such scale and complexity you must start slow, with only a few flights, and gradually scale up operations and capacity, working out problems and kinks along the way. So of course BA launched with a bang and the software and training problems resulted in a huge black eye for the operators and tenants of the £4.3 billion terminal.