Schools, Facing Tight Budgets, Leave Gifted Programs Behind

A friend recently told me that her experiences at the Johns Hopkins summer program for gifted students strongly impacted her academic development by showing her that its okay to be smart. My time in gifted programs in 4th through 6th grade and in similar programs in junior high were my favorite and most productive years of learning. The idea that everyone should strive for mediocrity is shortsighted and silly. Different people learn in different ways and at different paces, and to eliminate all of these programs in order to focus solely on One Child Left Behind-mandated testing is going to have lasting consequences in a country that is already struggling to keep its prosperity and relevance in a quickly changing world.

Post-Katrina FEMA trailers may have poisoned thousands of young children

Children who lived in the temporary shelters are at higher risk of severe breathing problems and cancer, thanks to unsafe levels of formaldehyde. FEMA knew about the problem in 2006 but did not begin to move people out of the contaminated trailers until three months ago. Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. Be it incompetence or malice, people should go to jail.