Google Voice App Blocked From Apple iPhone

Not the least bit surprising, but still utterly stupid and wrong. Apple is blocking Google’s amazing and innovating new Google Voice service from working on the iPhone, by blocking both Google’s custom application and any other third party application that supports the service. Maybe it is time for regulators to step in and enforce neutrality.

Can the Kindle really improve on the book?

This slightly sarcastic and relatively balanced New Yorker review explains, in detail, the evolution of Amazon’s Kindle reading device, notes its competitors, examines its many shortcomings, both glaring and subtle, and concludes that purpose-built reading devices have a long way to go, while truly new and useful devices, like the iPhone, are making more and faster progress.

Credit Card Industry Aims to Profit From Sterling Payers

Yesterday the cashier at Shaw’s was confused and dismayed when I paid for my groceries in cash, and she wasn’t afraid to show it. I’ve been getting more of that recently. But she’s going to need to change her attitude if credit card companies go through with their threats to bring back annual fees, charge interest immediately on purchases, and raise the transaction fees charged to merchants, who will then pass them on to customers. Something tells me cash might be coming back into vogue…