Second reverse item…

Moving on (backwards), I picked up an iBook on Saturday at about 9:00 PM. I’ve wanted a laptop for a while and known that when I get to college I’m going to buy one. I’d held off because I was unsure: PowerBook G4 is awesome but expensive, iBook is slick but the screen is small, PCs are faster and cheaper but a real pain to get working right (and yes, I have tried them. I’ve done Windows sysadmin stuff for a while and I got to tell you, that stuff is a *(&#@ to work with). So I decide on an iBook because the 12.1″ screen, while small, is crisp and clear, bright and high contrast, and hey, AirPort wireless networking is awesome. Then I stumble upon this iBook on sale at Circuit City. Now I was holding off thinking that at Macworld they might announce some price cut or something and I wouldn’t want to be the idiot who buys the thing the week before the prices are slashed. So I wait, nothing happens, and I decide that, since Brandeis gives me only a max of $50 off, I might as well shop around. Well, everyone has the same price until I see Circuit City (in the store but not online) offers the iBook at $100 off and – get this – the promotion ends TODAY (well, on the 28th). So what was I going to do? Buy it of course, at least as soon as my dad gave me permission. Well, around 8:50 he decided that if I had to have it I might as well get it cheap, and I got to the store at 9:01, a minute after closing time. I got in anyway, I grabbed the ‘book, I popped out the checkbook, and the computer didn’t approve it. WHAT??? Okay, no problem, credit. Nope, doesn’t work. College students on their first MasterCard don’t usually get $2100 credit limits. Okay, check card! Nope, that has a limit per transaction….

Long story longer, I split the payment across multiple “platforms” as it were, and got the darn thing taken care of and was home in time for dessert. Hooray! Now to go balance the darn checkbook…

Don’t get all verklept!

Okay, okay, so I didn’t write, not a big deal! Really, don’t get all exc-ah-ted! I’m gonna try to recall things in reverse-chronological ardor because that’s how I remember it. First off in reverse, some re-tah-ded people at Verizon (can you believe those guys?) completely ruined my day today by making me stay on the phone for a small eternity while they went through processing all of my transfer forms to: get this: move my cell phone to Bah-stun. I mean, getting into college there in the first place was easier than this! So anyway, after three phone calls to three different operators in three different time zones, and after repeating the same information three times, faxing the same authorization letter to three places, and spouting Tax ID and social security numbers like crazy, I finally got my new phone number. And then the re-tahds went and cut off my old phone number without so much as a peep. No redirect, no message, no voice mail, just *poof* and its gone. So now 714-504-3003 is defunct, and my new number, which I won’t reveal here, is active. Really buddy, if you want it, you have to work a little harder then this. I mean, I don’t want random people calling me, but its not like my number is hidden. In fact it is present in at least one page of AgBlog! So with that I leave you to search.

Lots to write

There is a lot of stuff I should be writing but I’m not. Why? Apathy, perhaps, combined with that huge fiesta party we had last night (pictures coming online shortly). In other news, for some reason I randomly picked up an iBook last night at 9:00PM. More to come.

“I Shall Return!”

And I did. Here I am, back from the lake with lots of stories to tell. Wow, that was fun and wild and we even made a stop at the Grand Canyon and looked at it in all of its grandness. While some family members neglected to bring my favorite digital camera, we were able to take some old-fashioned film shots which I hope to get around to scanning and adding to my gallery as soon as I get around to a lot of things I should get around to. That said, more on this tomorrow (err…well…today, only later in the day.) For now…

I was looking back through my high school’s web site and recollecting on all the fond memories I have of the school, and of course all of the not-so-fond ones. I happened to stumble across an article I wrote earlier in my senior year, before all of the controversy, and I guess that looking at it now you can realize that I am a troublemaker, or just funny, take your pick. I think it was a decent bit of satire for being written over the course of one 56 minute class period and being posted the same day, along with freshly taken pictures and such! Without further ado, read proof that even Foothill High School can have a pleasant side. (Hurry and read it while you can, who knows what they will do with it once 2001-2002 school year begins and I’m not there to control what goes out on the web!

Leaving for the river

I am leaving tomorrow with the immediate family for a five day stint in Lake Havasu. So if you want to rob the house, now is a good time. Wait…what? Anyway, we have alarms, locks, neighborhood watch, and two vicious guard cats, so you don’t stand a chance.

You don’t get it, do you?

I’m thinking you probably don’t get it, not that there is much to get, but I will be dumb and petty and explain. EOF symbolizes end of file or the conclusion of the transmission. There, better? Okay, now clean your room and drink your milk before I…EOF

Proof Positive

Just to prove that my life is not all glitz and glamour, I’m writing from Maintex where I am waiting for some files to download so that I can do some more coding on their new website. Basically the setup is this:

  1. They have an okay server from Compaq that is not top of the line but not too bad.
  2. Said server reaches constant loads over 3 when fun stuff like inventory programs are running. For you non-UNIX geeks, that means that basically the processor is totally maxed out and the computer has the equivelant of 3 processors worth of instructions backed up that it would like to be running. Now this is not terrible for short periods, but prolonged 3s are no good.
  3. All Maintex stuff is running on one server, so the whole company is basically running with a single point of failure. They really don’t need incredible redundant servers and the like yet, but it would be nice to have the web and e-mail stuff seperated from the legacy system.
  4. We’re getting a new server, some no-name job with redundant power supplies and RAID 5 on Ultra3 SCSI and the like. Yeah, big words, basically means kick ass server. Now we could have gotten a nice server at a similar price from Dell, but our outsourced tech guru recommended this and hey, he deserves to make money once in a while!
  5. Once said new server arrives (and I’m trying to think of a good nickname for it as I sit here…) we’ll switch it over to the production environment and move the other server over to me. Then I get to figure out how to install Linux on it (woohoo, my first Linux install!) and get PHP, MySQL, and Apache running, along with Sendmail and whatever else we may need. If I can’t figure this one out I’ll have to get someone to help me.
  6. Server 2 becomes the web server, MSDS and image host, e-mail, and all that fun stuff. Server 1 stays supreme keeping up the legacy stuff as Maintex expands.

So right now I’m figuring out how to code this parsing and display stuff in PHP. That warrants another entry later, but for the time being suffice to say its not difficult, but it requires some foresight and planning, so that’s what I’m doing now.

In closing, I hope I have proven (proved? Apparently both work. No bother.) that my life in glitzy Hollywood…err…Orange County does have some normal parts. Yes, I am one of you! I am just like you poor workers! Isn’t that quaint! Okay, enough. No, really Danny, stop. EOF

Kay-Eww-Key Wants Me!

It is official, this Friday at 5:00PM – 6:00 PM I will be on the show “Subversity” at KUCI radio. I’m thinking this show will be a bit more…how do I say this…intelligent than the last one. Audio will be online shortly after. Just a heads up to all of you 3 people in range of 88.9 FM.

Rebellion Redux

Today I was (finally) interviewed on KFI Los Angeles. The recording is in the media section for your listening pleasure, I think it went quite well. We missed a slew of issues and it wasn’t really a half-hour, but I was pretty happy with the result. Tim & Neil are cool guys and everyone at KFI was nice. They even gave me a t-shirt! Hey, you gotta live a station with a promo saying: “We founded this station based on one idea: that everyone who calls us is a moron.”

Tim told me this philosophy on callers. “They just slow me down.” However, because of my questioning, they did have one caller on my segment. They just happened to pick the guy with the hardest question. Well, anyway, listen for yourself.

AP Scores

Today my Advanced Placement scores arrived in the mail. For once I got something school-related before everyone else! I got my hoped-for 5 in English Literature, but in US Government I got only a 4, when I hoped for (and expected) a 5. Still, considering that I did very little studying, not to mention not taking the class, I guess a 4 score (out of 5) is pretty good. I also got my Calculus BC score, and was not surprised to find that I got a remarkable score of 1, which means basically a total and complete failure. Guess that’s what happens when you go to sleep during the test.

So my total scores thus far are:

  • Eng Lit/Comp 5
  • Govt & Pol US 4
  • Calculus BC 1
  • US History 4
  • Comp Sci A 4 (my school doesn’t offer AB)
  • Biology 4

So not to shabby in whole, in fact pretty good. Oh, did I mention that Brandeis does not really count AP scores for anything? Yeah, so the above numerical representation of years of incredibly hard work means absolutely diddly. Sigh.


My freshman first semester classes are in, at least in preliminary form. Next I go back to Brandeis, hopefully talk to a counselor of some kind, see if I can get some signatures, and switch things around. But if I get stuck with this, I won’t be too disappointed at all, I just wanted to get a Legal Studies class in. So anyway, here it is:

USEM 25A Reading Between the Lines: Freedom of Conscience and Persecution

Traces different cases of intellectual expression exercised under illiberal conditions of censorship and persecutions. Organized chronologically, beginning with Plato’s account of his teacher’s execution under Athenian democracy, and closing with 20th century reassessments of the freedoms of conscience and expression.

Mr. Sheppard
AMST 114B American Individualism

Through various major works, central dilemmas of the American experience will be examined: the ambition to transcend social and individual limitations and the tension between demands of self and the hunger for community. Usually offered every second year. Will be offered in the fall of 2001.

Mr. Whitfield
PHIL 1A Introduction to Philosophy

A general course presenting the problems of philosophy, especially in the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and social and political philosophy. Texts will include works of selected philosophers of various historical periods from antiquity to the present. Usually offered every semester.

Messrs. Berger, Greenberg, Hirsch, Makridis, Samet, Teuber, and Yourgrau
COSI 21AM Data Structures and the Fundamentals of Computing

An introduction to the fundamental concepts of computation: discrete structures (sets, relations, functions, sequences, graphs), the fundamental data structures and algorithms for sorting and searching (lists, queues, dequeues, heaps, hashing, binary trees, tries), and the analysis of algorithms (predicate logic, termination and correctness proofs, computational complexity). The associated laboratory course is COSI 22a. Usually offered every year.

Mr. Storer
COSI 22A Fundamentals of Programming
An introduction to the tools and techniques needed to design, construct, verify, analyze, and maintain programs. One afternoon a week and one, one-hour lecture a week. Usually offered every year.

Mr. Storer
PE 33A Walking for Fitness
This course is designed to improve your overall fitness level through walking. Emphasis will be on improving cardiovascular endurance level. Instruction will be given on how to develop a personal fitness program. Usually offered every semester.


So maybe the fitness walks in the 15 degree…uh…heat will keep me in shape. Yeah, thats fahrenheit. Or maybe its on their big indoor track. Ya know, Brandeis has a pretty awesome sports facility, so maybe I’ll actually take up some sort of something sport-ational in the future. Or not. We’ll see.


Who says its hard to get classes in college? My grandpa tells me that every class he took was required and he had no electives to speak of. My dad talks of a punch card system and an order or priority with freshmen dead last. I see an online form where I type in the course number, click confirm, and get my courses. Of course, it could be that Grandpa went to Queens and Dad went to UCLA, while I’m going to little old Brandeis, but still! In an age of rash consumerism, when you’re paying $35,000 a year for an education, you have a right to an education, dammit! I should get the classes I want or close to it. No BS shuffling around and treating kids like numbers without faces. We shouldn’t have to pay for bad service.

Of course, I knew what was going on when I chose Brandeis – I decided to not go to UC Berkeley precisely because of this trend: Every student with whom I talked at Berkeley could not recall a single class with under 100 students. Terrible! I’m a first-year at Brandeis and none of my classes are over 100. That is the way a college should be.

I feel obligated.

So I feel obligated to write. Truth is I’m quite tired. Waking up early, going to bed late just doesn’t work right for your chemistry. Always tired am I, and start talking like Yoda I do. I’m still doing Maintex stuff and working with their arcane FACTS system, in between yawns. I can’t go to sleep any earlier, so the solution is to wake up later. Of course, this rules out work. Enough bold?

Yesterday was the fourth day in July and thus the Fourth of July, basically celebration of America, Americans, Barbeques, and Fireworks. I took part in 1 of the four, that would be a barbeque. I’m really not celebrating America or Americans at this point, and I didn’t see any fireworks, not that I don’t like them. Adbusters ran their Flag Jam to protest commercialism in America and globalization. Globalization, hmm. Tariffs without a role in government, lack of democracy, unfair restrictions — does anyone else think this sounds like the American Revolution and the reason we seceeded from England? Amazing how attitudes change when you get power. Absolute power corrupts, of course, absolutely. And so far, I’ve never seen that not be the case on a large scale, which is very sad.

Twas the night before leaving

Shaina (the youngest sister) left this mornin’ fer New York and a three week summer camp acting experience-thingy. Sounds like fun. Jewish camp, so she gets to keep kosher for a while, and if she likes it she can add on to her stay and be there for six weeks. She left on a jet plane, don’t know when she’ll be back again, oh, God I hate…wait, what was I saying? Ah, yes, left from LAX on a Continental flight non-stop to NY, and should arrive there later today, if the time doesn’t change first. Strike that: six hour flight, left at 9ish, got there 3ish, which in NY is 6ish, so she is there and probably quite confused from the fact that it is dark right now, what with the lights in LA staying on until 7ish every night lately.

N-E-Way, I have spent me second glorious day at Maintex (the family company) working on graphics, catalog, database, and computer troubleshoothing. There are a lot of troubled computers here that need to be shot, and no one with the know-how to shoot them. Now I’m really no great technician, and I really don’t like the job, but I oblige and try to help as best I can when I feel like it. 😉

Their system is a mess because the UNIX server runs one piece of proprietry software while the art department works on another database and the catalog is based on a third set of data, so everything must be updated in triplicate. Meanwhile, the two art guys have to do some occasional computer troubleshooting and lots of data entry to get stuff online, in the catalog, etc. I’m talking with them about how to automate this process a lot more, basically by linking the two databases together and hooking the QuarkXPress publishing program up to the FileMaker database that the Art guys are using. Sorta complicated, but pretty cool if it all works. I’m waiting for the real fun to begin, however, when we start shooting training videos. Then we get to go to crazy places like grocery markets and I get to direct some serious movies. Well, okay, not serious, not movies, but industrial training does have its charm, and its fun doing digital editing with FireWire, at least more fun then entering data into a database….twice.

Confused? So am I, but we hope to clear it all up. I think some kind of tech guy would help, but they try to keep costs low ir order to run an efficient business and so far there hasn’t been an incredible pressing need to get all this stuff together. Gradual upgrades are what wins the day, I just ope that these DBs will all work without any major hassles, being as they are quite different and being as money to waste….errr..spend on them is tight.

Ix-nay on the FI-Kay

Either Tim or Neil (don’t know which one) is sick today (or possibly recovering from a big hangover after yesterday’s broadcast from a strip joint, no comment) so I won’t be performing live on the air for your enjoyment and edification. They say next week, but who knows. So hear this: Don’t listen to Tim & Neil today at 4:00PM PST because I won’t be there, and without me, there really is no reason to listen, is there? 😉

KFI: More Stimulating Talk Radio

Today is my big KFI day, 4:00pm is the time, and I’ll be on for 1/2 hour. In other news, I’m trying to decide what to do about the school district’s bill. Basically, they have decided that, since I sent an e-mail that did not damage their system in any way, they would charge me for their time. Figure that one out. It’s like sending someone a letter so they charge you to change their door locks. Basically they spent 3 hours analyzing their system for weaknesses, and they think I should pay. I maintain that system security is something that any company with computers must consider — it is simply a cost of doing business that you audit your system often for stability and security. Ask the IT workers in any major company and they will tell you that they do security audits every week, if not more often. That the TUSD waited a few years, until I sent an e-mail, before they did their first audit is somewhat worrisome, but perhaps I was doing them a favor. Anyway…

If you so desire, help me out in paying this ludicrous bill.

Brandesian In The Making

So in high school I screwed up somewhat by not working within the system and using it to its full potential. I’m determined not to let that happen in college – i will work the system for all its worth. I don’t mean that in a bad way, just that I will look out for easy honors and upper-level courses and shie away from lower division ones that have received complaints. I will try to take advantage of every opportunity to enhance both my learning AND my [status/gpa/grades/standing/whatever]. That means no more fun classes that don’t count for anything. Today I went through the first half of the course catalog, and I will go through the second half tomorrow, hi-lite(tm)-ing what I want to take and figuring out which concentrations, minors, and programs to pursue. If I want to take US History stuff and english stuff and CS stuff, I want to get recognized for all of it – I want to, say, major in Philosophy with a double minor in CS and Anthropology, or whatever, meaning that I will plan it out so that all the courses overlap in such a way that I get lots of certificates! Not sure quite how to do this yet, but I’m thinking I’ll write some PHP script to organize and schedule everything for me and see how it will all fit together. This may be complicated…

Happy Days Are Here Again

Went shopping with Aunt Linda and got a bunch of stuff for Boston – fleece this and that, pants, jackets, socks. Ate lunch at Cheesecake Factory and got the usual: the Mile High Meatloaf Sandwitch, which, sadly, was about 12″ high. We ate at Fashion Island, where we also saw lots of small caged feline animals outside of a pet store, animals so young they could do little more then squeak and scurry. Poor guys.

I will be on KFI Radio tomorrow, Sunday, at 4:00PM for 1/2 hour on the Tim & Neil Show.